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Due to the current pandemic situation, I have been taking all my counselling sessions online. Though the sessions are online, my clients have seen good results. 
About Me
Hi, My name is Nibedita Mitra Sengupta. I am an engineer by profession. I completed my graduation in Metallurgical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur and acquired my Masters Degree in Material Sciences from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Thereafter, I had a very rewarding professional career with Steel Authority Of India Limited, the largest steel producer in India, before deciding to retire voluntarily to follow the passion of my life.

I have been a life coach now, for over 10 years, counseling people from all walks of life on various life issues. I provide one-on-one life counseling, either in person or over the various resources like Skype, Whatsapp etc., This could even be a home visit, if you live in Pune, to understand your needs better and provide a tailor-made counseling.  

I have a strong client base, and their testimonials confirm that they have gained excellent results from my services. My sessions are never a one-time event. After the required sessions (chargeable), I will be there for life.

It has been an immensely satisfying journey to see people from different corners of India, benefit from my services. So, if you are looking for any assistance on life matters, you may contact me and I am sure you will come out as a more positive, confident and empowered person.
Celebrating 5 years! My Journey so far...
Where there is a will, there is a way.
You may ask me, what is the will are you talking about here? Well, will is the impetus to a much
brighter and smoother life which some of you are living without any understanding. Don't be
disheartened, rather give yourself a kickstart. Welcome the word 'will' in your life to know
yourself by exploring your character and personality, nurture the will to build yourself towards
the better, and finally, live a meaningful life. It is no't easy for you to get on with life and deal
with it correctly if you are unable to understand and act upon it and yourself, constantly, and

Hello, I am Nibedita Mitra Sengupta, a life coach and instructor, who is 'willing' to be your friend
to provide warmth to you as and whenever you feel like knowing and understanding life better. I
had been an engineer by profession and was designated with a prestigious position with the
Steel Authority of India Limited, the largest steel producer in India. I have always felt the
importance of good guidance and valuable living since my childhood. I had the passion to
analyse my life with the good teachings of my parents and, hence, I too, followed the path of
teaching the same to other people. My passion for helping others emotionally and mentally took
me a long way and I realized how essential it is to guide a person’s mind towards the right path.

Hence, my passion dominated my profession and I took voluntary retirement from my job to
eventually open a new path for myself, the door to clarify the vision of people who get deluded
under false impressions or, maybe rough circumstances. So did my journey as a life coach start
five years ago and I got dedicated in this vocation to hold your hands in the need of the hour.
The reason why I am mentioning the need of the hour is that we fail to realize that even when
we are completely fine, we still need valuable guidance to enjoy a healthy and orderly life. 

I have mostly guided people who are dealing with anxieties and are stuck at some point in their
lives. Very few people come with an open mind and a structured life to seek me thinking that
even though they are leading a good life my words can make their life even better for future. So
my concern is also for those who don't have any major problems in their lives yet I feel that they
should also seek me for being there as your life can stay beautiful if you constantly keep on
calibrating it. And I believe that it's not possible for someone to always take the right decision,
therefore, I can be your guardian angel and help you stay on the right track.

We are only human beings with flaws, so we can be confused before taking decisions, or maybe
our thoughts May get cluttered due to too much external circumstances, our lives may become
tasteless for a while because we lack that energy to do anything to make our lives more
energetic, but all you need to know is it’s only temporary, and we have the strength in our minds
to drive our way back to live an ideal life. So I am here to talk you through your hardships to
bring you to analyse and understand the right dealing with life and, hence, to have a better
living. And also my advice to those good going people too, you may make me your friend me to
add on to what you already have, because there is a saying, “live a life larger than life.”

Therefore, I will welcome you with my experienced guidance to give you the knowledge of
understanding something that you have been gifted with, called ‘life’ in the true sense of its
meaning. When you are living it, why not live it meaningfully? Also, once you make me your
friend, I will be your companion for life, your forever listener and your soul-soother whenever
you feel like talking to me about anything. You can seek me not only in your bad times, but in
your good times too. And my special word for the ones who are not yet exposed to the world
and enjoying your teenage years, you can seek me too for understanding and knowing how to
deal with life and be a tactful personality in your upcoming years when you will be stepping
outside, taking up life's challenges, because my dear, the pages of your life need to be written
with the best calligraphy and substance.

Lastly, I will end with a note of gratitude for my family, namely my husband, sisters, niece,
niece-in-law and friends who have been my pillars of endurance and support to encourage the
flame in me to be the light to so many lives, and to all my well wishers who have been believed
sincerely in my passion and profession.
Thank you.